need help to identify frame

Hi All. A mate of mine picked this up off the side of the road with a ‘take me sign’ (seriously) I was hoping to convert into a fixie and/or ss but it has vertical drops and i HATE the idea of a tensioner. 2 questions, anyone recognise what the frame might be? and secondly do you think its worth keeping the frame and putting on and eno hub? as opposed to tracking down a frame with horizontals.

cheers for any help/advice

some other images

The campy stuff on there makes it a decent find, those bits may be worth something to someone. The cantilever brakes make it look a bit cheaper though, probably a tourer with pretty relaxed angles. Great if you just want to cruise but I don’t think it’s worth an Eno. I could be way off with this. Post it up on the guys on there love the old gear.

A proper touring bike has a low BB and will tend to hit pedals on corners. It is designed for long-distance riding, is that what you are interested in?

I reckon just clean it up and ride it as-is. Wouldn’t be worth the time and effort to fix it.

im not after a touring bike at all. Im after a single speed (fixed down the track. so filp flop hub would be great) I just need parts to do the build so when this came up i got my mate to grab it, thought it could make for a good conversion, but the more i delve into this the more i feel i need a proper race bike or track bike with horizontals to do it semi-right first time around.

Definitely something with horo drop-outs. Either track or road. Unless you’ve got something really special it’s not worth the hassle or $ of an Eno.

Looks exactly the same as my Nishiki Cresta.
It’s a touring bike, and really heavy. But if it’s your size, it’s definitely worth building up.