need help with my gear ratios

right now im running on 48t/18t and im havning trouble skidding and slowing down

try searching, this topics been covered a fair bit already

alrite thanks

well try a 48t/19t and see how you go.

thanks i will try it out

tbh you should be able to skid without any issues on 48/18…your problems may be elsewhere.

skidding/slowing on that shouldnt be a prob. Are you new to riding fixed? You prob just need practice. Lock your legs, and i find popping little skids and lifting the back wheel is better for slowing than 1 long look me me skid. 48/19 is a better ratio tho, i agree.

yer man im new to fixie riding
i guess im rushing it too much
i should get used to it first i jsut changed my cog to 19t today
thanks for the advices

The gear ratio is not all that relevant. Try practicing on grass or wet ground first. Once you’ve figured out the technique you’ll be able to skid anywhere on almost any gear ratio.

Skidding is about weight distribution, not gear ratio.

i dont know how to lock my legs i tried and i just stacks :S

Keep practising, it’ll come.

Learn to do it properly. Your knees are precious save them child.

If you’re worried about your knees, use a BRAKE!

Just hang your balls* over the stem and get the weight off the back wheel and you’ll be fine. I learnt on 47x19 which is a pretty low gearing, but once i got it down, skidding 48x17 isn’t any more difficult.

But really, just learn to ride fixed and feel comfortable first. Worry about skids later. It’s not cheap to buy new tyres every month if you are skidding everywhere :slight_smile:

EDIT: * Apologies if you aren’t a guy :slight_smile:

if you are just starting, use a brake! the other things will come with time. for now save yourself and use a brake.

Yes, a brake is a safe way to learn to ride fixed. But it also helps in learning skids – squeezing the front brake can take enough weight off your rear wheel and allow you to skid. It will help you ease into using your bodyweight to get the same effect.