Need indexed gears advice please

i just got this,
im interested in putting some indexed gears on it
can anyone suggest anything appropriate please

Can’t make out the details, but SunTour drivetrain?

One option is to source old indexed suntour shifters and matching mechs / freewheels.

Or just get some 7 speed shimano downtube shifters, match up with a 7/8 speed shimano rear mech and a 7sp shimano screw on freewheel. All readily available used, and the freewheels are available new.

That doesn’t even sound like English to me Blakey. Guess I have some studying to do.

I’ve got Suntour levers and Shimano 600 everything else.

buy shimano indexed DT levers in whatever speed your cassette is
fit to bike

Dura ace 7400 indexed DT shifters

One of my faves is 6400 shimano 600,
Dosn’t miss a beat.
What’s the purpose of the bike and the budget.

I’ve still got some Suntour Sprint gear hanging around.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

Ride the shit out it in ignorant, friction shifting bliss.

If you love it, save up and put brifters on it.

Get some 9spd dura ace down tube shifters, buy a sram pg-950 11-28 cassette throw away the 28 cog (the cassette comes apart), ride 8 of 9 on with a spacer on the 7spd freehub…

BUT check the down tube boss, as there is a older style that won’t accept ‘modern’ DT shifters and the thread on the boss can also be some weird diameter the imperial equivalent of 4.somthing mm.

I discovered this the hard way, thought I could tap the bosses to 5mm and do some filing, didn’t pan out.

For reference the frame I had had shimano 600 arabesque on it.

This wheel is most likely a screw on, not cassette, hence getting a new 7sp screw on freewheel.

6200 Arabesque is friction, so a 6/7/8/9/10 sp rear mech is required to index with 7sp DT shifters. But the cranks/pedals look like 6207, and the mech looks like a 6207 (friction), not 6208 (6sp index). Easiest solution is a 7/8sp mech, rsx/rx100/105/600/altus… and some braze on 7sp DT shifters to match. Easy to source from a decent shop’s parts bin.

(BTW If you are doing 8 of 9 on 7, you don’t need any spacers on a 7 sp freehub)

I see, missed the part about it being a cluster, and yeah I had a 9spd derailleur to put on in my case.

Azz I got both 600 and 105 mechs and shifters which will work with this if you want to go indexed. Hit me up and I can get a box of parts to you.