need loaner bike - road

loaner bike - road (race) needed… i found a hole in my frame, so can’t ride it
need something with a 56 tt - 58 tt, can supply pedals and wheels. I will be racing on this too, so if you have a nice race bike that’s needing a shakedown, can do… else I’ll consider anything just for this sunday
get in touch here or via mobile if you have me

welcome to see my swerks will fit ya man if you get stuck

size brah? i think you’re one down, but i’ll let you know cheers

Yeah it’s a 54 but the tape measure says 55 and it’s got a 120 soooooo might go close

mmmmm maybe, cheers

My alloy leader tt frame still has my leftova road bits on it for wet weather shit - 56 or 7 tt with a slammed 130 stem… 78 degree seat angle tho

Doug has the same size as mine, its a 54.8 tt.

ive got something you can ride, around 6 inches

handles pretty well hasnt been trashed

^hilarious - I dare not jest here anymore cause apparently the internet is suppposed to be G rated

got a couple of options at work now too so i’ll figure out whats easy/fits good etc cheers


Pretty sure your not supposed to borrow “clients” bikes and flog em’ over the weekend bro, but I like your style.

My step dad got his CAMS licence whilst on a “test drive” of a brand new GT falcon, true story.

the exhaust is pretty “clapped out” though

at least it’s stick shift…

battery operated brass button clutch

pretty good power to weight ratio considering its compact sizing

compact is also easy to climb on


As long as your not allergic to chlorine

SOK titz dish washer safe