Need new Helmet .......... Any suggestions

Hey people…

Just got back from a ride and threw my stuff down in the drive way to help the misses with shopping and didnt notice my lid go under the car , misses rushed out again (in my GQ patrol with 4" lif and 35" tyres) rolling over my beloved bern lid :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Now gotta get a new one but no one in perth sells em , so thought yall might have some suggestions for a new one


Gear sell bern, just get one posted, or try a local scare shop.
I personally hate skate style lids.

i have a mavic plasma and it fits my noggin’ perfectly.

NSP have catlikes, hit up rolly to see what they’ve got in stock.

I used to run the “skater” helmet for years but finally caved and got a “roadie” helmet at the start of last summer. This thing is great in the heat, witch we have heaps of in QLD as you would in WA! And they come in black as I’m keen on the racer boy color schemes on lids. And because this is not the newer Propero 2 or the s-works version they are pretty reasonable price wise.

+1 for NSP and Catlikes. Got one myself.

Yeah once I moved to WA I ditched the skate lid. Too effing hot!

Giro Atmos for me, hugs my head perfectly, pretty good online prices to be had too

sworks prevail is unreal

I only like real helmets.

steel is real man.

+1 for catlike, im liking kask as well now, but I don’t need a new lid.

Just ordered a Kask.

I will be just like the sideburned man.

+1 specialized propero

I have a kask, small worn maybe 5 times if someone wants one.

Fuckin Lazer! They are the best helmet ever created.

They’re all pretty good. Find one that fits your head and that you like the look of.

Kask Mojito, comfy retention adjustment and chin strap.

Cheers guys great info and recomendations, being an EX skater always went tha way of those helmets , but after looking at some of these , i hink i might be converted , that Catlike Compact is sweet as

this is sweet :cool:

This - skate lid too hot for serious rides. Fine for a trip to the shops.
Been running Giros for years but horses for courses.