Need some Taps!

Alright homie’s I need the following:
M6x1.0 taper and intermediate taps.
M10x1.0 taper and intermediate taps.

I know I can get the a Sutton M6x1.0 taps individually through work if I need but they will only sell M10x1.0 taps in bulk*. Anyone got a good (or online) source for taps?

*- not sure what considered bulk haven’t looked into it further yet.

autobarn? or other mechanical equipment shop?

i don’t have tool hookups anymore. i just borrow from my numerous mechanical mates, whichever one is closest/available at the time.!/level3=4023-4020

Yeah M10x1.0 is common to bicycles and not a heap elsewhere hence why I think they’ll only do it in bulk. Ring around to come machining, tooling stores. You may need to pick up the phone and find the smaller, older stores that still do exist just not online to try and find one individually. I recently went into totaltools etc… and nobody had anything separately.

Total tools down here, or black woods almost always have what I need in stock between them.