Need to borrow: 1" headset press + headset remover

Hi fellow sydneysiders,
I am looking to swap parts from 1 bike to another frame in the next week or so, does anyone have a 1" headset press & headset remover they can lend me? They are the only tools I don’t have, and I can’t really afford to buy them at the moment.

I could make a headset remover at a pinch (and a headset press too I guess) , but would prefer to use the proper tool/s.

thanks in advance,


might as well make em, always handy to have!

that’s true - but then I have to buy the parts - and the last headset press I made didn’t work that well…would like to do shit proper-like this time 'round.

Hey Rod … I don’t wish to loan my tools but if you swing around I can do it for you :wink:

Cheers Spizza, will get in touch.