Traffic Cone
Penguin Classic
Koga FUll Track Pro

Crappy photos but whatever, it goes fast and turns left better than my surly steamroller.

Koga Full Track Pro by #lordayplease, on Flickr



Pretty rad

Boss, like Theo :wink:

It’s a very sweet looking bike, full points for set up. Looks killer in person too !!!


Needs rack/fenders.

How does it ride when in jeans?

i quite like these frames. xbbx endorsed.

Nice. Scandium?

I really like those Pogos.

Still better my old bike

Me too, although if I could afford it I still think I’d have a custom bundy made.


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Great build but man the colours/placement/fonts on these things really annoy me, a shame for such a good frame.

I actually bought the frame from a lfgss user (it was advertised on there).

This is awesome

As I said in the other thread. Cool frame and choice components, Very nice Lorday

Parts list:
Koga Full Track Pro Framset
FSA headset (came with frame)
Campagnolo Pista Wheels with Challenge Pista 320’s
Campagnolo Pista Cranks with CU/FYXO Ring (49)
Roselli cog (14)
Pro PLT stem (130mm) with logos removed
Deda RHM2 bars with some of the logos removed
Fizik Soft touch bar tape (feels like luxury)
SLR saddle (TI rails)
Generic Seatmast I had laying around
Look Keo Pedals

Very nice!

Oh lorday!!!