New and spunky madison

Just got my new ride in today; a sexy Schwinn Madison, it’s so much better than i thought. Swapped it for my old OnOne and i’m loving it so far. Just needs some better brakes and mudguards so i don’t get a wet bum.

let me know what you think… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Get rid of those abortion-like bullhorns.

fuckkk, dudes at work smoked me…

carry on

this is ace

have always been a fan of the chunky tubes.

gehyer than aids

lolz, work shenanigans. bet it was fergus. what a cool dude.

ps. i had one of these for my first fixie (different and better set up) and it was rad.

I thought the blue Madison was from a few years back? (The best version IMO.)

The new one on the website is fugly as!

What’s with the devolution to 1" threaded fork?

retro. and yes, the blue one was 08.

yep. matches the retro deep section rims, retro compact geo and retro coloured chain

and goddam that new madison is a bag of vomit