NEW BIKE: Custom bRad CX

…you may remember THIS thread

I got a bike from Bradford (Seven builder) to match the Road bike he built me last year (LINK)
I told him to have fun with the build and so he tried a couple of new things. Wishbonesque stay, full housed cable for potential future hydro.

The riding around here is amazing for mixed-terrain stuff. We have woods, single track, gravel, rooty, rocky, muddy.
Have done a 100km mixed ride already, have a 135km over-nighter coming up and then a couple of 160km rides that I’m working towards.
Usually they’re about 50% road, 50% off-road.
If anyone ends up in the northeast it’s by far the best way to ride.

Tubing - Mostly True Temper OX with Paragon Dropouts
Fork - WoundUP CX
Wheels - HED Belgiums to DT Swiss 350
Seat post & Stem - Thomson
Bars - Salsa Cowbell 3
Headset - Chris King
Group - SRAM Rival 1 with Force 1 RD
Brakes - TRP Spyre Mech
Saddle - Brooks Cambium C17

Not the best pictures for details

What a beaut! Any hydro plans in your future?

I think that was all covered in Jimmy’s “what should I do with my bike” thread.

Looks ace, would ride (if trimmed to my size).

^^not anytime soon. but maybe in the next life.

Looks like a lot of fun. You must be a tall bastard!

Read this.

^i went through the entire lawnmower thread before i got it.


Very excellent work.