New bike help


I want to get into fixies but i dont have one yet. I was looking at getting a complete SE draft lite or maybe a fuji. i wanna keep it cheap (under 800 bucks). I dont want to get into the full on racing just some riding in the city, commuting, etc. What do you think i should get?

Cheers. :slight_smile:

No idea how expensive the Fujis are, but I’d recommend one of them over the Draft. Have a look at the Cell Cingle, everyone who’s gotten one seems pretty pleased, they might just be overtly happy people but I assume it has something to do with the quality of the bike.

I can’t recommend the fuji Track high enough, I got one about 6 months ago on sale for $420 at goldcross cycles and have absolutely loved it. I think they are normally about $600 but still easily worth it. It comes with pretty high gearing so you might want to change the rear cog to a 19 tooth in order to save your knees.

Get the Cell.

shop around to all the shops,
that’s how i got my avanti cheap, it had been sitting there for a while.
got a mate with the SE draft and the only negative he has is the wheels were terrible, he kept breaking spokes and he’s a little man.
apart from that he is happy

was trying to get a look at some cells over the net but couldnt find many. Anyone know where i could find some in Melbourne?

i think the cell cingle is all done now, the mall3t is the one theyve got now.

internet only, but theyve got a shop in sydney. probably the best value. fuji is more expensive and has no brakes, i think theyre $700 now.

shopping around is probably a good idea too, as has been said.

A lot of stores are getting rid of their 09’ stock so youre bound to come across a good deal.

get fuji track, it is reliable
I think fuji is better than cell bike

id go a KHS over a fuji. cell mallet is a bit chunky for my eye

build one.

then suck it and see.

After the process of building ,riding and having things go wrong you will know what you want.

Cheapest option and you will learn a lot
see Sheldon Brown

2010 Fuji models have changed names slightly if that’s where you’re looking. 2009 Fuji Track = 2010 Fuji Classic. There is also a Fuji Feather (Classic but with brakes and maybe other changes).

I’m happy with a Fuji. But agree with 1800Ken and I need to change the cog as at the mo I think its about 48x16

I say build your own one too… ask heaps of questions and if you get stuck check out sheldon brown or trawl through this forumn there is heaps of old advice all ove rthe show.

But buying a complete bike is nice but youll save money andhave way more after build pleasure if you do it yourself…

my 2c

i disagree, it’s pretty hard to get value for money buying parts individually, best bang for $800 is buying a complete second hand. there was a volume cutter w/deep v’s? that sold for $750 a couple of weeks ago, and a kona paddywagon with dura-ace hubs and thompson stem/post for $800, both were on the forum and ebay. I doubt you could build a decent trouble free bike for under $500, and there’s a lot to be said for paying a little more and getting something straight away.

I would like to build a bike but just as a hobby, from scrap parts and stuff. Thanks for the tip but i dont thing i could be f’d doing it when i could just buy one as good from a shop. :mrgreen:

I agree! i can never find decent parts for reasonable prices that can compete with complete bikes

I just bought a new '10 Fuji Feather, I’m really enjoying it, but i’ve ordered a new chainring from cycleunderground because the stock one has a super tight spot, which has been my only qualm

Look for Schwinn Madison - IRide has a few left.
Also Cell Mallet as others have mentioned and what about a Masi Steel?

if you can find a khs flite in your price range i would drop the hammer

try looking for 09 (or even 08) stock that stores are trying to clear out, and try not to get bogged down to get the latest model. often latest models are just very very slight variations on the older ones with a new colour – not worth the premium price.

second hand is a great way to find bikes aswell.

id suggest to be looking for a complete rather tahn building yourself aswell. much cheaper and less hassle overall. but if youre really keen on building one yourself and have the patience and money, go for it.

f you can find a khs flite in your price range i would drop the hammer

I agree, good frame , components arn’t bad considering the price

Having completed my first build, if you have the time and cash I would recommend building it yourself. Through trial and error (mostly error) I’ve greatly increased my knowledge of how the fixie works. Buying off-the-shelf won’t provide this. However it is time consuming and, I believe, more expensive.