new bike UPDATED

You just can’t go wrong with a white bike!

looks great luke, seriously considering buying one of these!

How much did the frame cost out of curiosity?

frame cost about $350, and then $80 for powder coating (in US$). With shipping plus headset plus BB it was just under $600AUS. i think prices now have been lowered slightly though.

those alien frames look pretty good, how heavy does it feel?
i’m gonna order one of their rear hubs tomorrow

i did.


what tubing is it made with?

It’s a tiny rake on that fork too. Very nice.

yeah as a result there is some slight toe overlap, nothing compared to the bike on the pervious page though.

I have the tiniest rake on my bike, but for some reason, rogaine couldn’t figure it out and I can’t either, I’m clear with clips a good 2/3 cms.

But if it worries you, a shifter chrome fork would look just as pretty.

SORRY “mm”

I’ve been looking at these a whole heap lately and they look really nice. I also emailed them to ask a few questions and they were really helpful. How do they look close up finish wise? pm if you’d like

now all I need to do is stop spending what little money I have (I’m a student) on this and more on my bike

Ah… being a student and spending all you’re money on booze and bikes. Just got my tax return and spent every last cent on the bike. :smiley: mmmmm wheels.

Nice Bike Champ,

Just letting everyone know where these frames come from. I am in China and trying to buy one right now.

Thanks for the photos aswell, I did not know they had so much overlap.


if anyone wants one, theres a group buy up from bikeforums
last day today!