new bike UPDATED

crappy picture, but managed to put this together this week. thanks to sime for the frame!

the all black was unintentional as the wheels were originally for another frame.

shit… that came up goooooood.

niiice! where can I get them frame? What frame is that? size?

its an aluminium apollo record track frame, 56cm, rattle canned matte black. i was lucky enough to be able to buy it new off sime. not sure about how you’d get one otherwise, possibly be able to order one from an apollo dealer?

those forks in particular are freakin sweet =D
nice build

Yo what forks are those? Where can I get a set?

Like za black

the forks are leader carbon track forks. you can by them from the leader store on ebay, $189 a pop.

Rad! any chance of a link mate? and quick review?? Likes, dis-likes?

Seconded but more for the frame. I have a small list of bikes I’m looking at and the Apollo/Raceline is one of them. Cheers :slight_smile:

no problem guys.

i haven’t put in too many hours on it yet, but so far so good. frame is very stiff and light, and coupled with the fork it makes for a very “tight” ride, for lack of a better word. the fork is great, only downfall is there is a little more toe overlap then expected. still taking a little bit to get used to the feel of the bike, coming from riding a steamroller with much slacker geometry.

i think sime has the same frame aswell? i’m sure he’d be able to give a much better review.

heres the link to the fork

got a spec list if you got time? looks very tidy. the black is so sleek looking!

Apollo Record track frame, 56cm
Leader carbon track fork
FSA intergrated headset
Gran Compe hubs laced to Deep V’s, 32h, built by Matt at Kookie
Sugino 75’s
Sugino BB
Zen chainring, 47t
Roselli cogs, 17t and 18t
Izumi chain
Thomson Elite seatpost
Thomson Elite stem 90mm (ordered a 26 by accident so I’m running a coke can shim haha)
Nitto risers with Soyo grips
Rolls saddle
Rubino on the front
Rando on the rear

i think that just about covers it :slight_smile:

Hey nice bike…
how come you changed ur original apollo fork?? Because that fork is actually made by Monoc…which is a well known brand in the UK.

haha is it true that u do get some massive toe overlap?

i would have used the stock apollo fork, but it wasn’t included with the frame and i couldn’t order one through a shop.

yeah there is quite a bit of toe overlap, but nothing that i won’t be able to get used to. :slight_smile:


it needs black cranks!!

ahah nice ride,
saw this bike on yesterday :smiley:

thinking of getting the bike and replacing the fork so i can put a front brake on.
for those tht were looking for this bike—>
is where u can get them, otherwise most bikeshops that stock Apollo should be able to order them in.

finally built up this bike today (terrible picture). have been waiting on this alien track frame for just on four months…:roll:

i originally received my alien frame about a month ago, but the package had been dropped while in transit and as a result the drop outs were bent and cracked. luckily though the guy who runs the brand was nice enough to sent me a new frame, free of charge.

specs are:
alien frame, 55cm, powder coated pearl white
nitto pearl stem
nitto jaguar seatpost
nitto b123 bars wrapped with cheap cloth tape
rolls saddle
alien crankset
sugino might comp chainring
surly wheelset
tange headset and BB
rando rear/zaffiro front
48x17 gearing

aside from frame possibly being a little small (i probably should have ordered a 57), very happy with it and would recommend alien frames to anyone looking for a nice new track frame for cheap.

close up of lugs

So fresh. So Clean.

I personally love this way more than areospoke, pink fluro, sticker, spokecard pandemonium…

Should see rogaines Scott frame. It’s beautiful.

Nice work. Best bike I’ve seen on here for a while.