New bottom bracket?

Need new cranks, what other crank will fit my FSA ISIS bottom bracket?
Or am I better off just getting the whole lot as a set? Cranks plus bottom bracket?
Seems silly to buy new bottom bracket when mine is fine. But finding it difficult to find anything to suit mine.
Currently have FSA Carbon pro’s. They are spaced slightly from the frame due to bein close got the chainstay. Unsure of length. Or any specs really
I did search this, came up with nothing so don’t bite my head off if it’s been asked before

ISIS is getting to be old technology, so you might either have to replace the lot or find cranks on evilbay or wherever.

Are you talking road double or single for fixed gear? Length od crank is normally stickered/embossed/stamped on the back of the crank arms. It’ll say 170mm, or 172.5mm, or 175mm prolly. Chainrings will have their tooth number stamped on them somewhere; a standard road setup will say 53T on one and 39T on the smaller.

I’m not biting or even chewing, but if you’re sure you know your BB/crank interface is ISIS how can you not know the other stuff? Good luck with your search.

The only thing I don’t know is the length. Purely because u haven’t looked. This isn’t what I was asking.
Just wanted to know if ppl might think it a waste of time trying to find something to suit what I have. Or just get whole new setup because cost/ effort/ quality of Isis over square taper or something ( i know many ppl disagree on this).
Because the retail price for the new version of my cranks from FSA to suit the Isis bb is something like $500 just for the cranks, which is out of my budget.
Will other Isis cranks be expensive?
I did quick eBay search not much out there.
Thanks for the reply and input.

And it’s single :slight_smile:

there are a fair few mtb isis cranks, not so many road cranks though.
truvativ make a lot of isis cranks, here’s one i found on wiggle (no idea if it is any good though, and comes with a small chainring):
Wiggle | Truvativ Racing Team ISIS Single Chainset Chainsets

a square taper BB isn’t that expensive and you’d be able to find heaps of appropriate cranksets for sale on here (when you get trading access)

Try checking some of the bigger bike parts websites from o/s and you may be able to find what you’re looking for. You’ll then have a better idea of what, if anything, is out there.

Try… JensonUSA, Chain Reaction Cycles, Universal Cycles, etc

Or… buy something else.


Thanks again guys.
Look like jb weld has saved the old cranks.
But I’ll keep this all in mind because I don’t think it’ll last.
Probably just get a new setup rather than find anything to suit Isis

let us know how it goes. i’ve got a set of truvativ hussefelts that have been rendered useless thanks to the shitty isis splines

edit - missed Bobs last post.