New Build

Taken a couple of months to get built up with a few changes here and there along the way.
Rides great and IMO money well spent.


Velocity B43 radial laced velocity hub

Tange levin headset
Nitto B201AA chopped risers
Nitto NJPRO AA stem
Soyo short grips
Selle turbo saddle
Nitto S83 seatpost

Mks sylvan track pedals
Mks steel toe clips
Errebi sprint Double straps

Roselli 18t cog
Dura-ace lockring
Izumi V super toughness chain
Sugino 75 BB
Sugino 75 45t chainring
Sugino 75 165mm cranks

:-o :sunglasses:

aaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeeeesooooooome lookin bike dude :sunglasses:

looks good mate, not much of an aerospoke fan but it’s good to see someone not just throwing a front one on because it’s what you’re supposed to do. have you just got one of the straps over the clips or does MKS have a double gated clip now?

Thanks guys,
Yeah there just singles so one of the straps just go over the top which isn’t to bad.
On another bike I have the plastic double gated toe clips which kid killy sells there dope as so secure.

ah ok, yeah was thinking of ordering some of those, what straps were you using with them?

Just an older pair of the Errebi Doubles.

nice pony man, the yellow over size tubing with the aerospok is nnniiiiiccceee. how did you fix your aero spoke im atempting to do the same but with spin tri-spoke.

I brought it fixed, Aerospoke says not to remove the track hub as it’s expoxied in. Could be the same for geared hubs not to sure.

I’m pretty sure they only pack the track hubs with epoxy… the original track wheelsets without the epoxy developed some play in the hub/wheel interface when people started skidding and tricking on them, hence the addition of the epoxy to prevent/limit this problem.

very nice ride, what frame is that btw…very clean

Rear Aerospokes, hells yeah. I’m just waiting on a black front wheel… :frowning:

Columbus Thron over sized tubes.
Made in germany brought from germany thats all I know really.

Some new pics taken from my new DSLR yay.
Still have so much to learn.

yellow’s not really my favourite colour on bikes but a nice solid build nonetheless

Looks very, VERY nice. But I have one favour to ask…can you please take off that B43 sticker! =D

nice bike, rear aeros under my fat arse dropping off of curbs wouldn’t last though

looks very nice

that bikes looks nice, and the yellow paint is sweet

really nice bike…! well done, it’s super slick.
have fun riding.

hey Leon, in your Flickr photos… the white bike with the black mudguards, where did you get those guards?