New Camo Options

I know there are a few camo fans on here. So… just letting you know we’ve got some new camo in stock!

Its called UCP, and is a grey digital camo. Check it out on our blog and let me know if you are interested in doing a custom bag with it! We’ve only got a limited amount…

Custom Bags? All the Camo options

I also did a mini-write up on all the other custom camo options should UCP not float your boat.

any sweet discount codes on the go at the moment?

who removed my comment? genuine question before i click buy on $300 worth of stuff


PM sent. Probs best to email me direct. :wink:

Awesome camos. Would love to see some more, maybe; tigerstripe, ATACS, british desert DPM.

I removed it because it looked like you were doing what you best, trolling.

well done retard!

on the way!

nice one Dave!

if anyone is interested in BOgear stuff (and you should be), hit up Dave if you have any questions.