New Cinelli Mash

The new Cinelli Mash is ready, new geo and paint.

I like that guys t-shirt.

is that a winnebago man t-shirt?

and this has nothing on the histogram “colourway”. i still would/probably will

they sell them on their website

any news on whether there is gonna be another mash film?
do any of the mash riders use the cinelli frames?

^^ not sure about a film, but yeah they do ride the frames, not exclusively, but they ride them alot.

they are apparently filming for another project… their blog had some teasers a month or so back.

i’m still waiting to see the ToC film they put together last year

just quietly, the shirts are horrible quality, you would be better making one yourself with a texta and $3 plain shirt

ps does it come with a bottom bracket pre fitted for fixters who cant work out how to install one themselves?

so this is the new mash? where can i see the specs.

the new vigorelli looks pretty sick!

I thought this was just a Giant that Garett Chow (pictured) did the paintwork design on…?

I could be wrong.

I agree:

2011 MASH CINELLI - The 5th Floor

here’s some more pictures, i love it

I think all the specs come out today. I got the original pic from the Cinelli fb page and they were saying specs/full build pics tomorrow (today).

Nice, new geometry as well?

yeah apparently…

Be interesting to see what changes they make before the Feb release date then.

Hopefully they will line up the tyre label with the valve stem…

if it was anything other than cinelli it would be a specialized. simply because Garrett is the brand manager for their ‘urban’ brand ‘Globe’ and works at the Spec HQ near Santa Cruz. Cant see that him doing work for another of the Big3 would be seen in all that good a light.