New Conti Tyres

I wonder what these could be good for…

Continental Gator Hardshell

DuraSkin polyamide mesh running from bead to bead (the Ultra Gatorskin uses it only on the sidewalls) helps fend off cuts from glass and metal debris while an additional Poly-X breaker strip under the entire width of the tread prevents punctures from smaller bits – even when cornering. Adding even more armor against flats is the extra-thick tread rubber, which also extends the tire longevity.

As befitting its tough-as-nails role, the Gator Hardshell is offered in the common 700x23c casing size but also wider 25mm and 28mm versions to

they sound good, the sidewalls on gatorskins are a weak point. but they’re pretty pricey as well…

Cheers for the heads up!

anybody road tested the hardshells?

I had a 25mm hard shell on the rear for a few months, which I got because Wiggle didn’t have any Durano Pro’s in stock.
I had one flat and it was from a long shard of glass. so I don’t blame the tyre. Didn’t last as long as a D Pro, but I would buy them again.
It got pretty slow when it was quite worn, but that seems pretty standard with most tyres.

It seems that the Hardshell’s are generally going for about $70 each. Maybe you can get them cheaper on-line, although I couldn’t find them on Wiggle.

I’ve always understood that Conti Gatorskins were the ‘gold standard’ for non-race road bike tyres. In other words, I understood that they were a good quality tyre with a great reputation, that they are very popular (notwithstanding their price), and that they are the yardstick by which many measured other tyres. Then I read this thread - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Gatorskin: WORST TYRE EVAH! .

There is a post half-way down this page of the thread (see: Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Gatorskin: WORST TYRE EVAH! ) which says: “Maybe the new Gator Hardshell is actually the old Gator with a fancy name and a higher price, while the new standard Gator is old Gator with less puncture protection - or something Either way, it didn’t stop an lbs from charging $80 for it.” Clearly doesn’t agree with supermarketoflove’s info.

I’ve used the search function to look at previous posts on this forum in relation to Gatorskins (including ). But I’d still like to ask, given that Hardshells are now available, whether anyone has any strong views about Gatorskins. Are they the ‘gold standard’? Are they overrated? Am I better off spending my money on something else?

Even though this has been done a million times:

I’ve been using (standard) gators on my fixed bikes and my roadie for about 2 years. I had a flat on a front 650c once. Had a flat on a 700x28c rear when a roofing screw went through the tread and out the sidewall. Fixed with business card boot and it’s done another 6 months no dramas. Thousand plus ks on the roadie (including the worst motorway in sydney for debris etc) this year and no flats that I can recall. I’ll say another couple of flats cos i’ve probably forgotten one or two.
I wish they ran to a 32c to put on my crosscheck.

Really rate them highly, but some people just have bad luck with tyres. I know people who swear by detonators, and I was averaging 2 flats a week with 28c’s…

Edit: just checked wiggle. You can get the folding 23 or 25s for about $35. Cheap!

I love my Gators. Running them in all sorts of weather front and rear.

they fucking suck in the wet… i use the foldings on my fixie in the back and they are great… brakeless and i’ve had the same tire for 8 months…
had it let go a few times in the wet with out warning though.

would never run them up front or on my road bike just because the wet road manners are horrid they slide with out warning… i don’t commute on my roadie so race type tires are the go but still never in the front of any bike…

from the Conti website -
“The all NEW GatorHardshell…now includes a 700 x 32C size.”

WOW! It’s like they can read my mind, even before I’ve thought!

Looks like it’s not officially on sale yet. A few places have it listed as pre-order: CRC isn’t showing it at all.

Either way, that’s gonna be me next commuting tyre.

What this guy said