new crankset

So i’m gonna get a new crankset in the near future and would like some input into which is best / better / good value.

most likely going to go for square taper but all things considered, the only rules is that they have to be silver and shiny!

i’m going to Japan soon so will probably get some sugino’s. can anyone tell me any specific differences between Sugino Messengers and Sugino 75s, other than the NJS stamp which appears to add around $100 to the price of anything.


BCD (messengers are 130bcd, 75s are 144bcd) - its technically easier to find track sized (>45t and 1/8") rings in 144, but theres enough people running 130bcd and with cycleunderground you arent too badly off.

and my impression is quality… i’ve heard of less issues with the 75s than i have with the messengers, but ymmv completely and id need to remember if the issues were with the ring or the cranks.