New cx build

So im thinking of building a cx bike,

So far im thinking.

Frame: Canti frame so i can have a spare set of wheels for the road bike.
Brakes: Shorty ultimates
Group: Campy centaur 10
Wheels: cheap for now, Campy scirocco cx, Chinese carbon or look for some thing nice second hand.

So heres the frame im thinking of,
KUK - Crosslight - 5T Frame - 54cm - Black - Shiny Bikes Ltd This with a nice carbon fork.
Any one had or ridden one of these?

The whipskidding meance ‘Benzy’ had one and rode it from syd-mel amongst other feats. He stripped it back and painted it a sweet grey.
Pretty sure my lady has one too (might be the lower model though).

Good bang for the buck imo. There were some decent new carbon forks floating around on ebay recently.

Yeah, they’re good value.

Watch the headset though. It’s not campy spec. It’s IS41, cane creek 1 1/8" inset. Kinesis say that it’s a 36/45 degree bearing, but you should be fine with a 45/45, which is what 95% of available IS41 headsets are.

Kinesis purecx fork is a good full carbon option:
Wiggle | Kinesis PureCX Carbon Fork | Forks

If the steerer is long enough you can’t beat these:
Koga Miyata Forks | Buy Online |
Koga Miyata Forks | Buy Online |

Dayne - let me know about frames. i might have one you’d be interested in…

I thought the Blakey consensus was discs?

I’m currently riding a 54.8 tt roadie with a 110
So I’m open to frame offers,
I’m also looking at a 1" enve non taper fork.

Is any thing else out there that I should consider, say on one or Chinese carbon?
Looking at under $600 if possible for frame and fork for a total build of about $2000

If for some reason you want a steel frame instead of alu, I can recommend one of these:

Around $600 for the frame. I also normally ride a 54.5 - 55cm tt, and the 56cm Kite with 72° seat tube and non-setback post gives me exactly the same position.

I thought the blakey consensus was you have to read the original post completely before posting. hehe

I think what Blakey was saying is that disc option frames will futur proof your build as its only around the corner that we will have a hydro group out.
But I use campy so that may never happen plus the ease of having two sets of road/cross wheels.

Aaron Pickett-Heaps (Jaman on the mtbdirt forum) has one of those Kinesis Crosslight frames. I have never been fast enough to catch up with him to ask him if he likes it, but he’s certainly ridden it on all the singletrack in Daisy Hill and Karawatha, and at our Qld CX races for the last couple of years.

fuck you’re a goober horatio.

Crosslights seem pretty legit. I feel like a company with several CX frames in the range probably knows what’s up.

On-One Dirty Disco a surprisingly cheap carbon disc frame option, if you changed your mind and went that way.

on a separate note:

Blakey, that is a mad profile pic. you look full pro.

I got the pm Spirometre thanks for that,
I have just replied.