New CX specific components from Shimano & Campagnolo





Both brands coming out with new cantilever brakes. I quite like the new cranksets from Shimano. Interesting how many were expecting Shimano to come through with a disc-brake specific brifter. Obviously not yet, but it will be coming in the near future I guess.
What are peoples thoughts here?

I like the Shimano cantis they match the rest of the group really well.

I am still out on discs on a cross bike - not having brakes is part of the appeal.

Do you need discs on a cross bike? Also, sorry to thread jack, but why don’t most people run V-Brakes with cx?

V brakes don’t usually have as much modulation when partnered with brifters…

Discs will give more mud clearance around the tyres, and will work better in shitty conditions, but something about them irks me on cross bikes though

Because they haven’t caught up yet :wink:

I am loving my Avid Ulitmate’s for power and set up but from past experience with shimano canti brakes they have been well made, well priced and easy to set up. I can’t see why these will be any different.

Avid Ultimates for the win… good clearance AND good braking power.

matt b is over in taipei right now for the bike show and he posted a shot of the new stevens cross frame with cable routing for hydraulics and discs.

still cant get down on discs on a cross bike but i see why people (mainly mtb’ers) go nuts for them.

im not sure they are as necessary as people want to believe.

Wouldn’t disc’s being allowed on CX bikes make for less differentiation between Cross bikes and MTB’s, thats’s what the UCI is trying to avoid right?