New tee - Help needed with postage, profits to charity

Hi all,

I’ve been talking to mike over the last month, figuring out how best to get a new tshirts done. We’ve figured it out, however now it’s time to get the logistics together.

We will be taking pre-orders, and printing after an order freeze date. The second printing last time was funded by snowflake, and he was left with a few tees after, and I’d like to avoid that happening.

The tshirts themselves cost $17 each and will be hand printed by makatron in melbourne, and I’d like to sell them minus postage at $21, and with postage anywhere in Australia for $26. The profits will be donated to a cycling charity, so if you guys have suggestions, chime in here.

Also, because I live in Germany, I cannot do the posting, so I need a volunteer! Volunteers get a free tshirt… But will likely have to do quite a few postage runs, so you’ve got to have spare time and be good at packing! Preferably the volunteer should be in Melbourne, simply because it will avoid the extra cost of shipping the box to another state… But if you have any other ideas, let me know.

And lastly, the orders will be done on the site here through a Paypal shop. This is to avoid dealing with the hassles of tallying orders, collecting money, ensuring payment etc etc. I know Paypal suck, and they do take a cut of the money, but it seems the most straightforward way to do it, and with the least hassle…

Danke! nick.

I’ll give Makatron a call if you like. I’m happy to help out, especially if I don’t have to collect money and remember who paid for what :slight_smile:

Great shirt! It’s been worth the wait.

Primz, you are Der Mann!

Snowey you can swing me a tingle if you need an extra set of hands…

Mark me down for one and I’m also happy to help out too.

Has it been discussed what sizing the t-shirts will be*? It’d be good to get some that were fitted / or perhaps raglan sleeve for those not wanting a baggy tent-like garment (ie - skinny people like me)? (As a point of clarification, I wasn’t around for the first t-shirt run, so this may in fact be a non-issue.)

  • Will the base t’s be sourced from Qualitops?

I’m definitely down for one of those. Very nice.

Depending on when they’re ready I might be able to courier some up to BNE.

Me too

What is the consensus on tees, thick and heavy or lighter.

Some friends of mine run (one of) the best screenprinters in Melbourne and also import good american tees that are hooped cotton that doesn’t stretch in the wash.

$21 for a tee seems pretty high for waht is involved.
If you want their detailsto talk to them, PM me perhaps.

just a thought.

appreciate the offer andy_sn, however makatron is in the bike scene and has done good work before, and it would be nice to try and support those people who ride bikes as opposed to just trying to get the best price… the tshirt is somewhat more expensive because it requires three screens - keep in mind the actual cost is $17, and the additional $4 is a ‘bike tax’ (all great empires have taxed) to be given away to a bike related charity - consider it a compulsory act of kindness.

the shirts should be available to purchase online this week, small, medium large and extra large. if things go well, maybe later on in the year long sleeves can be printed or something. once the screens are made, we can print at a lower cost.


You have my attention.
Put me on the list for one please.

hey youze fixy hedz . i’d be happy to print these tshirts. . . . mite be able to do it a bit cheaper if we share the screens with another job. . . i’m going overseas may so if its later than that someone else in our studio can do it

and dont forget the aussie courier champs on easter in melburn… get nailed weekend… all welcome… a few alleycats… skids/trakstand etc… trak day at brunswick…boozin,… check my site for details

and also spud’s name isnt spuzonatron… its just spud or spud-pod…

hey you guys know it would be heaps cheaper if there was more than 20 tshirts being printed… and 3 colours adds up also

Don’t forget spud-wack

So how are the T-shirts going?

Will they be quicker to arrive than the Portland jersey order?



Potentially in time for next Summer?

There’s alway here to consider in the future. They are now printing as well.