New Fixie and a request

I know I said I was leaving Fixed riding, but the things are an addiction. I love commuting on mine.

I had built my dream bike and as it turned out I’d built someone elses dream too the Surly was stolen about 2 months ago and all the good bits Thompson Stem/Post, Aerospoke, Dura Ace mavic openpro, Toupe Saddle are gone. If you see any of the stuff in Brisbane if you could pass on the whereabouts I’d be really thankfull.

Anyway just thought I’d share a pic of the new bike.

It’s nice to ride and really light.

Sorry to hear about the loss. Damn, keep an eye out for the Aerospoke- there can’t be too many in Brisbane.

Is it one of those brown Surlys?

I will keep an eye out - something like an aerospoke really stick out. Shouldn’t be too hard to ID after that.

No, I went silly on it. Resprayed all the Metal parts Gun Metal Grey with a “Blue Ice” clear coat, Seatpost, Stem, Brakes Calipers, Frame all got resprayed and I hand painted the “Thompson” Fire Truck Red. It was my dream bike, after almost going broke last year due to business difficulties and having saved change for months to buy it, I rode it twice a total distance of 50 kilometers before it got nic’d. I was so angry I could hardly see straight. I’m looking forward to meeting the bloke that stole it.

Not pointing fingers in here but didn’t 13x13 just pick up a new aerospoke? He may have bought off the guy without knowing? Lead?

I thought that was an ebay buy?

I am going to bring all kinds of annoyance to the individual responsible for the theft of my kit. It’s hard to tell one aerospoke from another. As Rx13’s Aerospoke is the same as all the other Carbon Black Aerospokes how do I say…

I’m not pointing fingers. I’m not saying anything. I’m just wanting to find my shit.

13x13 just received his from the states.

I know the feeling - had someone break into my house stole my psp and cash and some other junk. But the thing that really hurt was they stole my favorite shorts with my favorite belt. These turds had time to try on my pants and think ‘mmm, these fit nice’.

This crap drives me crazy even today. I still look out for my shorts and I know if I see them I will go nuts. I would be mental if my bike got nicked.

There you go.

Have you got any pics of this stolen bike? The only pic I see is a stock looking bianchi pista with bullhorns, no aerospokes or stuff like that?

yep, mine was bought of ebay from a guy in the states,

so we can clear up any confusion about where my aerospoke came from :slight_smile:

Robo-cop wants his areospoke back

Dude. Enjoy that wheel they are killer. I have some never used ceramic bearrings for it if you want them.