New Forum

Hi all,

I’ve installed new forum software… Hopefully the migration has worked!

With any luck, the spam issue will now calm down a little… If there are any issues with the new board, please let me know… I hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Ciao, nick

Also… When you create new posts, under ‘Additional Options…’ you can attach things. So if you are talking about a photo of something, it would be good if you could attach it to the thread - That way in the future the thread will still make sense if the image link disappears… ie. regarding the attached image ‘oh me eyes!’


re the afro guy… he’s a FAKE! please see attached image:

For some reason, I’m not allowed to download or attach attachements.

No idea why.

Also, I miss the old link ‘View posts since last visit’ already.

Do we have one of these?

hey lats - there is a ‘latest’ button in the top menu that shows the latest 10 posts. also the chainrings will go red when there are new posts.

what is the attachment error you are receiving?


I could live with the local timezone

Maybe take a while to get used to, but if the spam is reduced, please persist!!

timezone issue fixed - trying to sort out attachments now…

guys, if the new theme annoys you, you can change to another in your profile after logging in… just wanted to finally have a uniform design by default, but you are welcome to change to whatever theme you like :slight_smile:


I just had a look at the other skins and it appears that the SM standard theme has a ‘new posts since last visit’ search button. Would it be possible to hack this new default theme and add that function? I do like this theme better than the SM default, so I’d rather stay with it.

Spam is gone??? (cool).

I seem to be having issues when running with Safari on my laptop.

Anyone else using a Mac and having issues?

Or am I just special?

You are special Nath.

However, the forum has been running VEEEEEEERRRRY slow for me this morning, so it might not be your Mac and/or Safari?

I run a Mac with Safari.

So far no problems.


Hear hear, I miss the ‘new posts since last visit’ button.

hack it, hack it

well, there is a ‘latest’ button at the top of this page. until i get time to ‘hack’ it, how about bookmarking:

<a href=“”>Show unread posts since last visit.</a> <br />
<a href=“”>Show new replies to your posts.</a><br />

well and truly hacked… into the top page just above the ‘forum tree’



Well done! and,

Thanks, Nick!

aaahhhh… so much better!! amazing that one little stupid feature could make SO much difference :slight_smile: Thanks Nick!