new gear

Hi all, i joined this forum quite a while ago but have posted very little as I rarely get the time. Just got back from the US and thought i’d show you my two new rides.
The GT Pulse is now built up with a set of Sansin Pro hubs laced to dark campy clinchers, waiting on a thomson set back post to finish the job. cranks are an interesting find, bontrager singlespeed anodized cranks with an uber-modern external BB. Ride is quite stiff due to being aluminium but allows for very little flex.
The other frame in the pic was a ultimate find, a David Tesch, built in southern California. The guy used to build for Masi before starting up his own workshop. This bike is in mint condition, the guy had used the bike a handful of times. The best thing is that the bike came equipped with a full Superbe Pro groupset. Sadly due to the large amount of spending while away, i now must offload some gear. Check for some ads in the for sale forums soon. If you’re in sydney PM me and you can come check out the stuff.
Now that i get to the end of the post I realise i’ve never attached pics and the little “insert image” icon is confusing me. so if someone can let me know soon how to add pics ill put them up straight away

Easiest way to get the images up here is to host them somewhere else and then paste the URL into your post, highlight/select it and click the image button (found on bottom row, second from left of ‘add BCC tags’).

ok here we go, this should work

Open image completely on flickr; right click to bring up the properties box; copy http properties from there to here; highlight http address in your post and then click on img button (2nd from left in bottom row of buttons.

Thanks for that TR

That triple triangle makes me happy!