New H+Son rim - Archetype

New H+Son rims look pretty nice…

H Plus Son has a few new rims ink the works… this road rim called the Archetype being the first. A new trick rim is also due to be released. I’m looking forward to lacing these rims up!

The info I have on the Archetype is that it rides like a HED Belgium, but has the shape of a Mavic CXP-12 and weighs only 450g. The rims are machined with a subtle braking surface and anodized black.


I’ve been eyeing off the tb14s and the hed belgiums as possible next wheels: these just entered the fray, assuming they’re 23mm wide…

Been waiting for pics of these to finally surface. Such a nice rim! Pretty sure they are also 23mm wide HM!

Really like this

Just got an email from back H+SON. These bad boys are 23mm wide/25mm deep. Available in 20/24/28/32

For those interested i’ll be doing a FOA pre-order on all H+SON rims in the coming days through Gear Brisbane as there has been alot of interest recently in them.

23mm wide for bigger tyres? i think i will get on this pre order bizness, sweet as

apparently more aero with 23mm tyres and are commonly run at lower pressures. I think that tech guy at cycling tips reviewed the hed 23mm rims and much preferred them at ~80 than 95 psi.

these look really nice. are they hidden spoke holes or just ambiguous pictures?

Will there be sweet FOA bro-dealz on these pre-orders, or just regular pricing? Also, any idea on regular pricing for archetypes?

I wonder how these would go on a disc brake wheelset?
They look promising for an upcoming build of mine

Wide is the new deep section.

These look really promising. I was happy with the quality and weight of the H+Son’s in the past.

Except it ain’t all about looks.

Well a 23c tyre ain’t no magic carpet ride regardless if the rim is 19 or 23mm.

4mm has gotta make some difference, or why bother?

I’m more interested in wide rims for running 28mm tyres on a roadie.

isnt the 23mm wide to try and stop tyre roll??? put a 23c on a 19mm or less wide rim and it balloons and can roll around or even off the rim when cornering?? wider rim/narrower tyre less = tyre roll - better handling?

at least that was my n00b understanding of it? Much like chucking 235’s on my 8" wide car rims. they are ok, 225’s are a little narrower and stretch, if i put 245’s on they balloon slightly and get tyre roll…

yeh, the wider rims stop the ballooning effect.

If you can roll a 23mm tyre off a 19mm rim whilst cornering you are doing pretty well, particulary with the pressures run in a bicycle tyre.

That being said, I put 25mm Gators on 23mm rims on my girlfirend’s roadie, and it seemed to take quite a bit of effort to get them to loose traction. But there are a lot of variables.

it was an example ha ha I imagine it would take a fair effort! but that Thickslick i had on my old B43 certainly got some sidewall flex!!!

Thread dig- who in Melbourne stocks these? Commuter and Shifter?

yes and yes