new hip whip

Hey guys here is my new bike i built up for free.
I got the frame from the tip for almost nothing, had the rest of the parts lying around and luckly 42 17 worked im my verticle drops.
any way its a fun beater and alot better for commuting than a tiny trick bike.
custom chain?

the frame has real nice chain and seat stays with no clearance so i had to get the file out on the brake mount and under the forks. the real wheel had to be spaced out its not my crooked wheel haha

just need some grips!

i reckon if i swap you the blue links out of my chain, and you swap me the silver links out of your chain, you would have a complete blue chain, and i would have a complete silver chain ha ha!

i like the frame!! happy days!

hahah my chain is some wild sram one

wild black and gold haha
yea hits small as tho 52 square and im like 6’3 haha

Diggin the bars! Great find.

Nice one. It looks ace.