New internet gTLD .bike available

Thought some of you might be interested to know that .bike is now available as a domain name as part of the new gTLD’s coming out.

So you could get a website like (although that one is actually taken already :P)

You can check out availability/the other gTLD’s available here:

If any of you are planning some sort of bike website get on that shit. PM me if you need help.

The domain .sexy, is also available.

Hmmm, how about ?

I’m waiting until .beard is released

That would be a subdomain of… taken already… drats!

Now that I’ve tried for a few I’m actually pretty suprised how many are taken.

i was looking at this a few years ago for work when the expressions of interest were released and the auction processed was announced. the popular stuff was always going to go for a metric tonne of $. a few of the gTLDs we were looking at were approaching 80-100K.

theres more than a few places block buying them. you can always try and buy them off them but it might be more than a LOLz worth of cash.

I gave up when I tried to register for my mates surfing blog and it was taken. Makes me think its gonna be hard to get less than a 6 digit domain.