New kid on the block (kind of), trick frame special + free Oz-postage

Hi all - I’ve launched a new store called Neverstop Pedalling. We’ve got a bunch of the new 2011 Leaf Cycles (Germany) street and trick frames up for sale, which include free postage Australia-wide. The FIXEDOZ coupon is also still working on the new site for 10% off everything. Online (always) at Neverstop Pedalling.

Feel free to ask any questions or make comments… We’re looking to fill the store up with really interesting stuff from around the globe, so hopefully my buying & shipping in bulk can mean that we can then ship out locally much cheaper and faster from Melbourne - So if there is killer product out there people want, let me know, and I’ll look into retailing and distributing it.

I’m also on the hunt for bloggers and team riders. Blog for cost price gear, or get sponsored with a new frameset and other equipment if you ride like a maniacal genius… Use the contact info off our site for more info.

Online store: Neverstop Pedalling
Blog: Neverstop Pedalling Blog
Twitter: Neverstop Pedalling (nspbikes) on Twitter
Facebook: Neverstop Pedalling on Facebook

Cheers, Nick