New Llewellyn

Being sold by that guy who makes them.

Llewellyn Cadenzia Road Bike Frame, Fork, Stem | eBay

I almost Bought this when I got my tax return.
Got campy tool box instead

holy relaxed geometry, batman…

WTF, it’s a Llewellyn. When you can afford one then you’ll also be ‘relaxed’.

What would a proper custom one cost you is this a good price?

From memory I think you save something like 2 or 3 grand

The cost is in the labour so whether it’s custom geometry or not probably makes bugger all difference to the price.

I asked Darrell maybe 2 years ago and then the starting price for a frameset was around $4K. The price goes up from there as you add extras, polished bits, lugged stems, etc.

If it came Complete it’d sell but I don’t think tOo many people who knew how much it was worth wouldn’t contact him for a custom job fresh off him anyway.

He has a few complete bikes for sale on his website. they have been up there for a while now.
Demo Bikes For Sale

I’m not just saying this to be contrary, but I find his frames kind of boring aesthetically, all the ones on the website leave me cold. Like I’ve owned an older one and I shouldn’t have sold it, but if I was gonna drop that kind of coin on a frame I can think of a ton of other custom frames I’ve seen where the builder’s style excited me more.

I tend to agree on some thing’s.
While the work is amazing i just find the colours a little meh,
Im am far from the target demographic though and im guessing my old boy would love them.
If i were in the market for steel i’d go Llewellyn, Cosgrove or Kuhmo and be happy with them.

On a side note my two ride amazing

I get it’s mainly time and experience not materials which go into a hand built frames cost what I was asking is what would it cost you to buy one normally which I presume are all custom.

There on his website they start at $4750 i think and go up to over$9000
These are custom prices.