New Melbourne bike lanes + green surface crap

What’s that green shit they’re gluing down in the new bike lines around inner Melbourne. It’s cutting through my tyres!!! I don’t feel particularly safe riding or skidding on it.

pretty sure it’s probably 50% glass too!

cant they just paint the surface if they need to mark it?

Correct, if not more…that’s where all your recycled bottles go, kids!

And you can smoke the tyres up when you skid on it (possibly depending on your tyres). Works with Conti GPs though.

Smoke? It needs to shoot out sparks when you skid.

i’m pretty much down to the canvas as it is so that green shit spells the end to me at the moment!!

Yeah, benny barber popped a tyre a few weeks ago on this stuff, it’s pretty crap. I’m not really sure why they think tarmac isn’t grippy enough…
I didn’t have a problem with it until they started putting it on roads I ride regularly. Now, I can’t stand the stuff.

This is the end man!*

*Said in Neil from the Young Ones voice.

Through the city it sucks, especially with tight clearance all i hear is this grinding noise of all the shit getting pulled up onto the frame. I did see a hipster try to pull a skid on it the other day and FAIL. Way too much grip for him

I shudder to think of the first person who is knocked off onto this stuff, it will shred someone up.

What is the chance that people will just start riding next to it, defeating the purpose of having a bike line anyway.

oh wooooooow man, this green stuff is getting reaaaallly heavyyyyyyyyyy. i’ll probably fall off onto this stuff and really hurt myself. not that any of you would really care coz none of you guys even like me.*

*also said in a Neil voice

exactly what i have started doing

I dunno, why wouldn’t you put slippery paint on a bike path? Hmm, I really can’t figure it out.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus FTW on the new green

the green stuff doesnt last very long anyway … it slowly disappears, i do love the white bumps on the other hand!

dashboard killing for cars kind of fun for bikes haha

CC, once again, knows the score. Good skidding tyres too.

they’ve had this up swanston st to melb uni for a while now. i stacked on it last year. i was on a single speed, and the wheel slipped forward when i stood up to pedal. chain came off, i’m pedalling against nothing so i go over the handlebars.
i can confirm this shit hurts. i was picking glass out of my hands for days. my jeans got trashed too. though it makes taking a leak when i’m drunk waay easier.

They started using this crap in different colours about 10-12 years ago on roads, usually in high accident areas, leading up to pedestrian crossing etc.
The reason they use these compounds, (usually made from mixtures of sand, recycled glass, recycled car tyres etc) is because of the high amount of friction and therefore better stopping power.
It’s seen also as a good alternative to paint on areas that need to be more clearly marked and also adding extra levels of grip so it’s a plus for basically everyone who rides and doesn’t skid to stop.

I’d say just deal with it, its put there to mark out the bike lanes more clearly and also provide dipshit commuters with a low level of riding skill with a bit more safety… good idea in my book, just don’t stack on it.
there are only about a billion kilometeres of roads elsewhere that aren’t covered in sandpaper that are very skiddable, go pull bar rooters on those. it is possible to stop without skidding sometimes, even if it isn’t uber cool

wow, that’s all us told then

fair point