New Member from NZ, Vivalo, Bosomworth & Gutterball

Been watching this forum for a bit so thought i would join up and post my bikes…



Gutterball trick beater, just sold it yesterday though :frowning:

Is there a for sale section?
I’ve got some bits to flick…


wow!! very nice bikes. you normally need 25 quality posts to gain access to the trading section but i reckon we just let you have it due to the quality of the first post!!


Wow. One of the best first posts ever. With those bikes, you don’t even need trading access!

What brand is the frame on the trick beater, I like its beefy triple triangleness.

Umm, yeah, trading access granted for the Bosomworth. And because you’re from NZ.

The Gutterball is the 2010 GT alloy fixie. The Aussie model is battleship grey. Nice looking bike for under a grand.

so should we keep our eyes peeled for some new parts in the for sale section??

i definitely do not have a new build in progress or an ulterior motive… :wink:

take the photo of the vivalo again with the sky showing blue like in the bosomworth :slight_smile: lovely bikes

Love the Vivalo, beautiful rig.

are they the chrome or high polish rims on the vivalo?

i was all like “man, that’s a strange username.”

and then i figured it out. his name must be duncan.

the bikes are still sweet. the GT looks fun as shit.

Hoooooly smackrel. @nacnud That Bosomworth is fiiiiiiiiiiine. You’re from NZ so we must know each other. SURELY.

Dang, that Vivalo is rad.

vivalo is awesome…saw a pic of it on njs-export, nicely done with the older style cranks

what size is it btw?

Aww thanks guys. Yeah its a GT Gutterball with a Charge Scissor fork and 37c randos haha. It was that horrible grey so i got it powder coated matt black.

The H sons are the chrome ones, the finish is amazing and i ride it most days and they still shin

@jontay, Its a 54. The old Dura Ace 151 bcd cranks are now on the Bosomworth now.

@rachelluck, I’m now living in Auckland. Pretty good bike scene up here, just had All-Track which was super rad

sweet vivalo !!!

Far-out mate, nice bikes,
How are the all city double straps? Just bought a pair and waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

They were good when I first got them but now they have stretched alot. I have to tighten them up each time i ride.

I’m replacing them with some Toshi ones