new member/new bike

hi all,

will be collecting a new bike on the weekend, excited is an understatement.

can anyone recommend good safe areas or tracks to ride a bike in Adelaide, i’m new to the bike scene so right now i have spotted the following areas.

I’m not trying to re-invent the scene just want to be a good solid/safe rider (fixed & free)

linear park (cuts through the CBD & city fringe)
bike track that runs along the tram-line from Hyde Park to i’m guessing Glenelg?

this looks like a good forum with a tight community so be good to seek advice from senior members.


linear park is alright, but the surface isn’t fantastic and there are heaps of idiots walking their rat dogs on extending leashes that you have to worry about.
riding along the beach is nice (glenelg to outer harbour)

i’ve been along the tram line bike track i think its called the mike turtur cycleway, you still have to cross a few main roads. my advice is just stick to backsteets until you’re confident


the esplanade looks nice, can you take a bike on public transport in Adelaide i.e tram

Yeah, there’s plenty of little paths and stuff out there. I managed to find a nice quiet backstreet route from Mitcham down to Greenhill Road east of Duthy Street that I didn’t know existed until tonight. Just look for the little blue bike route signs on stobie poles.

Bike paths are good, but as said before, you do have to contend with people walking / dogs / joggers / etc, which can be even more unpredicatable than cars.

nope. you can only take them on the train (and then you have to pay for another ticket if in peak hours)

theres one west of duthy too i take to town from my place if i’m not in a hurry or can’t be bothered tackling unley road. those blue signs are for ants they need to be like three times bigger

There is also the old rail corridor that runs south road Mile end(near Bunnings) all the way to camden oval.Has nice pathways with crossovers at mostly quiet streets. Linear track can be ridden from Athelstone to henley if you want to extend past the CBD and near regions.

You should get confident quick so you can race on 10th April! Good way to meet more fixed and SS riders. And they’ll be riders of all levels, and it’s safer in a crowd.

Plus it’ll show you some parts of the city you may not otherwise ride.

thanks fresh. appreciate it.

will come down regardless, i’ll be the guy on the floor with the albino fuji!

by the way, do you have an FC rx7?

no squid. crookedFC is my gamer tag on PS3. however i have owned some mazda’s in my time and will be building one next year.

Check out the Bike Direct maps
I know it’s not cool to use something from the Government but these actually aren’t too bad and the online route planner seems to work fairly well too. It’s a good start for an area you don’t know if nothing else.

Plenty of cyclists use these pathways and mostly they are wide, safe and not too many obstacles.

and Camden Oval is where you may find my ride from time to time :slight_smile: