new member visiting from Oakland, CA

hi, my name is Jason, and i’ll be working in Melbourne in April, then spending a leisurely week around town. i will be shipping my bike out with me, and wanted to meet some people for rides, drinks,…the usual.


Saturday 7:30am @ Fed Square be there!

You’ll know your visitor by the look on his face, I guess.

(Interesting name, assface - are you getting in first, before people start insulting you. I know, I bet you’re a pretty boy trying to play it down.) :smiley:

what saturday are you talking about? i see this: Melbourne Roobaix: Fed Square, 11:30am Saturday April 12. as far as getting up at 7 the day after i get off a 19 hour flight, i don’t think i’ll make it.

There’s a ride every Sat from 7.30am from Fed Sq attended by some of the guys that post here. The Melbourne Roobaix is an annual event organised by Andy at fyxomatosis.


Drag your ass out of bed for the Roobaix!

i get in on Friday, April 4, at 9:30am, so we’ll see how i feel! I’m definitely planning on the Roobaix ride, and am bummed i won’t be here for the Tasmanian Nationals…that sounds really fun.