New MTB frame ideas - for my boss

My boss’ frame broke during the week - a Niner Sir 9.

He is on the look out for a new frame to replace it. One thing is, the frame needs to be single speed compatible. The list so far is:

  • Karate Monkey
  • Jamis Dragon
  • Soma Juice
  • Gunnar Ruffian

Any more that should be on the radar?

Spot Brand Rocker SS

Kona Ti Honzo

I think this might be a bit too ‘trail’ for him. I’d personally love a honzo though!

Cheers! Yes, this one also found it’s way on the list.

lynskey ridgeline? how many dollars is he looking to spend - i reckon its hard to go past a kona unit - you get a whole bike for other brands frame in S

He has actually had one of those before (Lynskey) and it didn’t stay too long with him for some reason.

Budget wise, he has enough coin for anything.

Giant XTC

custom fikas Titanium mtb. built in canberra

Yeah, I think custom might be an option as the geo that he is used to doesn’t seem to be widely available any more.

BUT after a lengthy email to Niner, they are looking into his frame crack a bit more and it looks promising for a replacement.

Karate Monkey


Means most BB30/PF 30 frames can be SS’d

This would be up his alley huh.

Open Cycles One+

Not sure on the ss compatibility though.