New Pack Suggestions!

I know theres been other threads like this in the past but i decided to start a new on because my requirements are probably a bit different and i want to know if theres anything new out there…

So. My Ortleib Messenger has given up in one of the straps after 3 years of everyday use/ 4 months backpacking through Nepal/ India with it.

Whatever i buy needs to be waterproof, strong and durable, around 30-40L, and most of all a pack other people have found comfortable to ride with on longer rides (messenger used to get uncomfortable after around 2 hours)…

Suggestions Please!

BO Gear

i have a kathmandu day hiking pack i cart around with me. rode 9+ h from bne to my folk’s place with it a few weeks a go, had no comfort issues.

basically something with a waist belt/strap, and avoid using chest strap if the bag has one.

I highly rate my 42L BO Gear Chunky Toad. it meets your criteria & Dave is rad.

pretty sure there’s a review of it in the reviews section.

I’d also love a Spare Camel and they seem super popular.

I’ve sent BO Gear a message, it seems the right way to go.

What was the additional cost for getting your bag customised Rolly? Looks sweet!

I can’t really remember if I’m honest, Dave gave me a bit of a ginger bro discount from memory. mention you’re on FOA, might help a little. he’s been in NT recently so if there’s a delay that’ll be why…

here’s my bag all dusty in the Grand Canyob the other week. goes good.