New Project! Europa Track [BRIS]

EUROPA Track Bike.

No brakes drilled and very very nice shiney chrome fork!

Frame: Europa Track (Columbus tubing :lol:)
Gipimme stamped into front fork end and rear dropouts.
Cranks: Maxy (Shimano BB)
Front Wheel: Araya Rim (Suntour Hub)
Rear Wheel: Fiamme Rim (Shimano Track Hub) TUBULAR

Dont know what the fuck i am doing with this build though. any idea… colours etc etc…
Mite be up for sale soon, i got another bike thats just come up that i want!! offers…

Keep the paintwork and build it up with some quality, era specific, parts. You don’t want just another powdercoated track bike. (No offense to those with powdercoated bikes, just my opinion.)
I think retaining it’s old school, Aussie built charm would be cool. :slight_smile:

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dont paint it.


Keep it all orginal. Clean it and wax it.

(It’s what I’m doing to my 60’s track bike).

Cheers. You reckon just clean and wax? i was thinking full new paintjob but fully resto the frame with new europa decals. Does anyone have a link to anything that may shed sum light on ‘ERA SPECIFIC’ parts for this beast??

Have a look at Classic Rendezvous or the Canberra Bicycle Museum for pics/parts/manufacturers.

How much are you willing to spend? If you want to go crazy for a 50’s build…

Harden ‘bacon slicer’ hubs
Chrome plated spokes with brass spoke washers
Constrictor rims
Williams cranks
Chater Lea bottom bracket.
G.B. ‘Map’ bars
Bell saddle

Edit: Now that I’ve looked at the photos, High flange Record or Sansin to Fiamme or Mavic, Cinelli stem/bars, Record/Superbe/Super Mighty cranks, Rolls/Turbo saddle.

Are you still interested in selling? Hit me up with PM with your estimated price if you are mate.