new race format.

looks very serious.

and kinda cool.


I feel like this could be fun at Brunswick velo in conjunction with roller racing or some other event. Nice find!

Cam from Brunswick CC posted it. He’s well keen.

Needs more slow motion replays

Old mate pink dostoevsky is a blackguard of trackstands.

that’s a lot of fancy wheelsets!

also, at 3m26s, is the guy that goes out wearing sandals?!?!?!

Went to this race a few years ago. Super good and in great weather its an awesome time. They get lots of serious trackies show up as the prize money was really good (~15K). We heckled and then made friends with some serious looking riders.

Side note: I ran a track stand comp as part of the Burnaby 6 day (it was a bit of a clash of cultures where they ran events for us fixie kids and we ran some for them). Some of the really fast guys (including BB’s mate jamie shankland) were killing it until we called for no hands and then one foot.

you want to see scary/funny - try having a footdown where some of the competitors are riding super-high end carbon race bikes and are built like gorillas. They loved the whole concept of the events and got well into the spirit of it…