new rider in brisbane

hi everyone
im a new to this place

where or which bike shop do u guys usually go to find fixed gear parts or bikes in brisbane city?

thx guys :smiley:

DEDICATED FIXED GEAR SHOP (Bikes + Parts + Clothes )

KNICK KNACKS FOR BUILDING FIXIES - Ridgeways Cyclery @ Stafford (google search for phone number)

What gypsy said. If eric at gear canā€™t sort you out head to Ridgeways. Ask for Paul.

thx mate
im going on mon to check it out :mrgreen:

Remember that Brisbane closes on Sunday. Can be a real pain if you need a small part like a spare tube, etc. or any kind of food after 5pmā€¦

oh and if you get stuck with Gear or Ridgeways then talk to the Brissy riders cos we all got stuff lying around.

haha yea i started to get use of the living style in brisbane
anyway i enjoy my life here

Brissy riders? Gypsy u mean another bike shop inā€¦? or a forum or sth eles :?

i think he meant the riders themselvesā€¦

on another note, no offence, but stuff ridgeways :-P, GEAR has everything you can ever want and if we dont, we can get it to you.

we are particularly interested in buying/swapping and selling bullhorn bars of any kind, just talk to erik :wink:

also be sure to come along to our rides! great way to meet everyone! both or our now regular rides are in the events section :sunglasses:

haha ic
having problem to handle this language. :expressionless:

i will go there and hv a look. sounds great!