new shoe suggestions

So I just bought a roadie for some of the longer rides I’ve been doing, fixed was starting to make my knees ache a bit. The roadie is an older Koga with some fairly old look pedals, which means I’ll need some shoes. Looking at spending no more than about $130. Was considering either of the cheap dhb shoes on wiggle, the bottom end shimanos which are about $115 or there was ok looking giro ones on ribble for about $115 too.
I guess it’s a bit personal but any suggestions on the best quality in this price range would be appreciated.


Shimano shoes are great IME.

Wiggle have a sale on them at the moment:
Search results for Shimano

These are in your range with the 40% off… carbon sole and ratchet buckle:
Wiggle | Shimano R133 Road Cycling Shoes Road Shoes

It depends on your foot really! Shimano and Giro have quite a wide fit, where Sidi’s fit narrower feet better!

I had some Giro Trans shoes that I got off CRC for $130 that we’re excellent but they were far too wide for my feet so I now use Sidis

Giro come in standard and wide fit like SIDI. I just got some and they fit me about the same width as SIDI do.

For starters, those Shimano’s would be ok. May as well spend your money wisely and get value for it. Nothing will put you off quicker than cheap, ill fitting shoes.

I’m just about to sell a pair of my Northwaves (aerlite SBS), they look like this:

I’d let them go for $100 plus postage, they’re size 46. Used maybe 60-80 times, slight scuff on one but otherwise pristine. Let me know if you’re interested.

Shimano ro86s are great for the money, and do a wide fit too. If you shop around you can get em for well under a hunj. I really like mine.

Shimano are great value but they loose in the fashion stakes

second hand you should be able to get some decent sidi’s, plenty of 5 Pros goin for about the $100 mark.

but again, depends on fit.

i like gaerne myself, they come in half sizes which is super helpful.