Dear all,

The Friday good news is that after much labouring the new is live! I hope you like it & I’ve put a lot of effort in, but please if you have criticisms post below - I want the site to be as good, and as useful to everyone as possible. Please report any strange browser occurences also - It is pure CSS, so their may be issues on some browsers.

All of you that offered to post some info - Start drafting! Email me your details and I will setup a username and password to let you post. Anything related to fixed gear cycling is applicable - New gear you’ve seen, organised rides, link posts etc etc … Anything.

Next on the site list is (next to the jerseys of course!) to convert the photo gallery & forums into the new template. Volunteers? :wink:


Looks nice Nick. Well done.

Was that a fixed or SS (the red one) that passed you on Brunswick St this morning?

Thanks nick

mate, are you following me? :slight_smile:

yeah, it was a single-speed… he had respect till he coasted.



Nick, Brilliant work! The new site looks great and works beautifully :slight_smile:

I’m happy to do the galleries as we discussed. It may even be possible to use the same approach for the forums - I’ll email you.


thanks nath

that would be incredible - as the new design is pure css, if we can work around the current style on the forums & photo gallery, it means modifications made to one (via the stylesheet) will be changed across the board… which would be handy.

i’ll give you site login details so you can see the source when you email,


Rhino says good…


cheers rhino,

it looks a little mangled on the PC in internet explorer - im working on it.

It looks fine, you maybe need to add a section on the homepage for when we submit articles and such…

Just had a look at the new site. Looks great!

I have no idea what css is but if it helps I use a Mac and everything looks great.


New site looks dishy. Love that bw pic on the main page.

thanks rogue -

its actually the brunswick velodrome, if you couldnt already tell :slight_smile:

Hey Nick

I just noticed the link to shifterbikes on the right hand side is wrong.
The link should be - not

Wouldn’t want our latest registered member to get upset :wink: