New Sturmey Archer 3-speed fixed hub (ASC replacement)

I’m guessing it’s to cater to the ‘no cables, clean lines, zen at one with the bike maaaaaan’ riders. A downtube shifter would have a similar lack of impact on the cockpit and not make you look like you’re scratching your butt while you shift.

I agree it’s heavy, I’m surprised. A track hub is ~300g, the 8 speed Alfine is 1600g, and the normal SA 3-spd is 1100g, so it’s not outrageously heavy. I don’t know what the old ASC weighed to compare.

Spline interface for the driver: It is the same spline used on all the new external cup BBs.

The shifter does mount to a standard square boss too, i.e. DT or barcon.

From Greenspeed:

Price on the S3X will be $349 includes shifter, fittings etc.
Hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks.

This will go nicely on the recently acquired Co-Motion S&S coupled bike. :mrgreen:

From Greenspeed about a month ago:

These are now in stock.

Price is $349

Come standard with a bar end/trails shifter, and an 18t 1/2 x 1/8" cog.

Postage & handling $14

Funnily, I haven’t seen any mention on the internet about people getting ahold of them yet.

You know blakeys back, when this thread is resurected.

I have a plan. It involves this hub, promenade/moustache bars and a Wald #137 front basket.

I’ll be the towniest guy around.

So do I, possibly including quite long distances…

PBP 2011?

My plan is to do both PBPs in August 2011 but I haven’t decided what approach to take yet. Maybe a fast ride, maybe a recumbent, maybe a tandem, we’ll see what catches my interest closer to the date.

One thought is to ride a fixed gear on the 1200 km Perth-Albany-Perth in late 2010. Having a Sturmey fixed hub would be an interesting twist.

It would appear that the legends at HPC have already built up some S3X. I know what I’m doing tomorrow…

Hey! That guy in the photo has my hairstyle in red. Damn, thought I was original :-D.


Thread revival.
Talking to the guys at humanpowered about one for a surly cross check frame. Rode the demo and it felt pretty good
Anyone got any updates on this hub in practice?

3 gear fixed = not fixed

Of course it is. “fixed” means not free. It doesn’t mean only one gear.

I reckon.

Put down the crack pipe azz.

So humanpowered have them in stock/can get them in?

I’ve been doing a bit of googling at it seems they aren’t available in america yet and haven’t been officially released :? :? :?

Yeah, they had one built up in an Allegro, and some more in stock. Test ride before you buy. I didn’t like it.

I <3 my posts :smiley:

Any views on these?

Does anyone in Sydney have one that I could try?

Coming from London, I’m struggling with the hills (mainly the downs…) in Sydney and was thinking that this could be a good solution


I never got round to trying one of these out as blakey convinced me that a nexus would be 100% compatible with my beard and would NOT repeat NOT require SPD sandals to opperate successfuly.
The SG8R36 8sp nexus i got is actually totally silent when coasting whic is pretty nice and as the cable is a one piece housing from shifter to hub with thecable stop actually attached to the hub, no braze ons are required, though a nexus will be a bit wide for a track bike. If you have a roadie conversion you can also get DT and roadie style shifters for the nexus.