New to carbon (and aluminum)

lol - and that wasn’t even carbon

visp’s are awesome for jumping though

carbon is a not a mystic material. It is just resin and shit.

bunny hop all the pot holes you like, nothing will happen.


There is no point in owning a bike if you can’t bunnyhop it.

I can barely bunnyhop a gutter, let alone a whole bike.

Gutters are attached to the ground duder, no wonder you can’t get any air on them. Stick to bikes.

hey Rono, I hope you get your fork dilemma sorted out. Just a word of advice, id definitely suggest getting a lock of higher quality. something that nice will go missing very quickly. Good luck and have fun riding!

Yeah I know, it’s kept in an inside outside part of the house, thats more just to keep it upright. I’ll be onto eBay for a krypto soon.

steel is real

thats why F1 cars and aircraft are made of steel

its so fucking real

fuck carbon, fuck aluminium, fuck campy

coathangers are steel. except for the plastic ones. I like the fancy knitted covers you can buy at church jumble sales. and the chutney.

you can’t beat jumble sale jam. plum’s my favourite and bonus points if they use the wax seal. i’ve scored many a good hand knitted, beanie there too.

I only use the wooden coat hangers from Ikea.

I rode my Alu+carbon (Felt 2010 TK3) on the streets for about 2 years without a problem. I didn’t bunny hop, but I also didnt take it easy on the shit ass Melbourne streets.

I personally wouldn’t drill them but ‘as is’ they should be Ok for a bit.