New to carbon (and aluminum)

So, I have just got to Brisbane from London and have sorted myself out a ride; a 2010 Hilbrick pista.
Not usually a fan of such things (alu frame carbon forks), old steel is more my taste but this was cheap and I am being converted by it’s uncompromised rigidity.
My issues are 2:

  1. I am used to riding with a front brake, has anyone drilled out these forks before? looks like there is a metal crown as there is facing for a brake mount (I think thats what it’s for) even seems to have a little dimple at the back…
  2. I like to hop over pot holes and over the top of bumps, more for a bit of fun than anything else, steel takes this pretty well, carbon forks and alu frames are a few little hops away from catastrophe, am I right? and pot holes? and ridges in the road? sorry if this is a stupid question, I am slightly mystified by carbon.

I haven’t yet worked out photo uploads, any help would be appreciated there too.

The photos are on my computer, I can’t find relavent photos online. I have tried the simple uploader but it doesn;t seem to accept any of my photos.

Have you tried cyclebucket? It’s pretty much just choose file and upload and then will even give you the option of just copying a forum-ready [img] link.

yr in brisbane: go talk to Gear in West End. They might be able to sort out drilling, but i have no idea about drilling crabon froks. Alternatively, get cheap drilled crabon road frok off ebay, take to Gear, get them to fit. You’re not gonna break a hillbrick frame too quick, they’re pretty solidly built for an alloy track frame.

dont forget to resize, most sites wont be happy if your trying to upload huge mb pics

Photo on 21-09-2012 at 10.53 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
There we go, uploads sorted.

Thanks, I have checked in Gear, they where pretty vague, I am tossing up between drilling or replacing. I’m pretty sure if you drill through any aspect that is actually carbon you cut across the weave and it becomes junk. Glad to hear Hillbricks are toughies, I won’t hold back too much.

Did you call them or take the bike to the shop?

I would suggest you take the bike there, they will understand the issue and rectify it quick smart. Nothing vague about it. They also can supply Forks that will be pre-drilled for brakes as well. Maybe a quick swap is in order.

I’vebeen terrified of carbon ever since I saw this:
Tandem crash.avi - YouTube

or you could just do this.

I walked in and spoke to them, I had a sudden need for a chain whip/ lockring tool and as such couldn’t ride in. I get the idea that Marty is the man for the job.
thanks everyone

to HLC; at the cost of all of my pride and more than all of my cash


i used to like hopping over potholes and gutters and shit untill…

Good news, so I’ll thrashing my ride as usual.

Oh, I spoke too soon! your face looks alright considering?!

That face looks far from all right.
Yeah speak to Marty hell be in on Sunday.
Track bikes are not designed for any jumping.

thats my “herp wtf face”…

EDIT: to be fair, i was not gentle on that thing. and it is a cheep bike. and the forks lasted 2 years :slight_smile: