New to Cycle Underground workshop

Frame building, repairs and repainting. See website.

nice one. anything to do with you?

No, Primate is Tarn Mott, he will now be doing all the frame repairs and preping for respray etc.
All the stuff John used to do.

Sweet filleting!

That Brown Hornet on his site is amazing.

Seems odd to design bikes to rely on eccentric BBs. I’ve never actually used one but they look like way more effort than track ends or horizontal drop out.

There’s some really nice looking bikes there. I’m all in favour of locally made bikes.

I like horizontals the best too. EBB’s are good for rear disc brakes but I think thats about it.

it looks like they still have some with regular bb’s and horizontal track ends too.

they look really nice, if only I had the money :expressionless:

I am now interested in a cage match between and

… although I think my pirate chest is all out of both gold doubloons and Swiss Francs. Yarr… :frowning:

Hattara … hatta … Yatta?