New to, visp build

$350 build cost

Visp? frame (ebay)
Alex G6000 rims
formula hubs (shithole)
shimano ultegra cranks
39-14 gearing
fireeye bars
xtension stem
continental tyres
odyssey twisted pedals
velco straps
selle italia saddle

stripped my hub so currently running an ultegra brake and odyssey m2 lever and linear cable.

formula hubs are ok, man.

Formula hubs are fine. I have run a set no problems through all sorts of weather for three years.

Sounds like an operator error.

formula hubs are good hubs. why do people rag on them. They aint Phil Wood but theyre still good.

Retards just dont tighten their fuckn cogs and lockrings properly.

For $350 you have done well.
If your hubs striped look at the quality of your cog and lock ring and check their on right and tight in the future.
more than likely its one of these not the hub almost every one has had formula hubs at some stage.
Their not bad but if like my old Alex wheels they are the non sealed version.

I reckon formula hubs are great. I’ve gone from a set of phils to a new build with open pros to formulas and am very content.
My first fixed gear ran deep vs to formulas and I still rock that bike nearly every day and it gets beat. I couldn’t recommend formulas more and think that at the price they go for, you can’t go past them.

Had a set of these wheels and they were great bang for buck. Aside from being loose ball bearings and needing to be dissassembled/repacked from delivery(little to no grease), they were fine.

The sealed are much better than the non sealed in the formulas though.
My non sealed where pretty slow and not real precise .
Bang for buck still ok though.

haha yeah ill admit the hubs are great quality for their price, just a bit mad cos i stripped the rear.

anyone have any advice on where to go from here, looking to spend around $200 or so.

ive stripped the rear hub, front wheels fine, back rims lost some paint from using brakes since then.

Stripping the rear would more be a result of poor workmanship/installation than anything. I’ve used three of these wheelsets and never had a problem.

Bearing are rough but just need a repack.

welcome to
so you want to get a new rear wheel? or a set for $200

Try Velomine. Campagnolo Pista, track, fixed gear

They have both single and wheelset at some of the best prices on the net.

You could get these for $159 not including shipping and sell your old wheels and invest in a decent cog and lockring combo

Velocity Deep V Black Fixed Gear Singlespeed Wheels [CCR] - $159.00 : Velo Mine, fixed gear track bike wheelsets campagnolo super record vintage bike

b43? or get a new hub laced…

thanks for the links

any advice on brands?

Some people claim to have stripped their thread but turns out they just don’t know how to put the cog and lockring on properly.

Scored a mad wheel for $50 back in the day, the guy tightened the cog and lockring by hand then when he started riding the cog tightened a little more. When he would skid it would unwind that little bit back and hit the lockring, he thought ‘oh no my hub is stripped better get rid of it’ all I had to do was tighten the lockring and it was fine.

If you genuinely stripped a thread you must have done something pretty strange when installing it

i had it installed at a lbs, the best known in the area for fixed gear, but the lockring must have come loose somehow, because i had that problem where the cog unwinds and hits the lockring, it only happened on a big skid, i never had a lockring tool or was too lazy to ride to a lbs.
eventually the left hand thread on the hub was gone.

so this time ill invest in a lockring tool aha

Needs an aerospok!

Just grab a velocity or h+son for about $200 at a good lbs.