new to fixed


hoping to put aside my mtb and venture into the fixed-world. wanting something primarily as a commuter. have been looking around various sites forums but am still a little unsure how to proceed. i’d prefer a track frame than a new off the shelf deal but with limited knowledge this may be hard.

how much coin should i be prepared to drop for my first fixie? i don’t expect anything to flash but don’t want anything too shit either.

any help appreciated.


Depends how lucky you get.
I bought this frame, fork, headset and seatpost for $200.
Add a wheelset with tyres that I picked up off Rhino for $150, a $60 Velo saddle and $20 worth of bars and stems from a local Bicycle recycler and you have a track ready fixie for under $400.

Why a track frame? And why not an off-the-shelf bike? There’s afew quality off the shelf fixies available in Melb. A decent off the shelf fixie like the Fuji will go for about $600-700 (? anyone can confirm this?)

How much you should spend is a hard question to answer. The easier way to approach it is ask “what is my buget” and work from there. The frameset and wheels will be your biggest cost if you’re going to build one up. As TR said, he got really lucky and ended up with a sweet bike for very little $$$. It’s really hard to get those sorts of deals these days with the growing popularity of fixies. Unless you’re vigilent and are prepared to wait.

How about fixing your MTB as an alternative? A new eno rear wheel will cost about $400. A good way to go if you like the ride of your MTB.

There’s lots of options out there. I suggest (and ndf will back me on this one) that you come out for a sat fixie ride and chat to the boys. There’s always spare framesets and parts floating among us :slight_smile:


Gold Cross sell the Fuji for $600 RRP.
Their web site says they give 10% off all new bikes if you have an RACV card.

thanks for your help guys!