New to fixed

Hi Guys and girls of the fixed free world thought I’d say gidday and post my fixed and SS, first is a pretty stock Avanti Pista with Sushi bars and a fairly heavily flat spotted rear tyre by some Rhino cat, and second my Raliegh 29er SS MTB.

Welcome Rob, you otherwise know me as Clinton, rode MTB at Daisy with yourself, Melly McNab and her boy Taylor a couple of months back.

Never ever let me near a track bike when I am boozed…

I’ve had a few SS upgrades recently, still got the Pista but it’s set up for racing at the moment the Raleigh is gone and replaced with a KISS 26 and a New Yorker. Hopefully break in the New Yorker on the streets of Brisbane this Monday. :smiley:

For some reason the hubs on that New Yorker make me think of banana lollies :slight_smile: