new to Perth

Hey lads.

Ive just moved from sydney to perth.

lookin to see what goes down in the fixed scene over here. Im livin just near burswood so have been pedalling in and cruising around the city every weekend since ive been here but gettin a bit bored of that.

any good rides to go on around the area? aside from all the bike tracks or whatever?

ive seen a ton of fixies in the city, some real sweet rides.

my bike on the other hand is a joke. its a real bitsa. but it goes alright til i can get a new frame and ill build up something special then.

anyway take it easy hope to see some of you on a ride one day. ill attach a pic too- except the handles are lifted up now with a dropbar style brake lever hanging off after i broke the original brake lever i had haha

Welcome & sure too see you around.

There are a few rides. Check out these on FB.
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