New (Unknown) Road Bike

Yep looks the goods, nice and clean.

oh, and you have some real nice shots in your flickr mate, nice work. The 50mm is paying dividends already! =D

Really nice unpretentious build.

That blue is stunning, very similar to the paint I had on a Coloumbus SLX Cecil Walker I had a while ago.

I think there is something really cool about an unknown frame though… I had one which I loved and when people asked what it was, saying ‘i dunno man, but i love it’ felt good.

Thanks for the kind words guys. Pretty bloody chuffed with how the bike’s finished up to be honest.

I totally know what you mean, Sime. While some of me kind of wishes I knew what it was, the majority is just happy having a bike that I adore.

Thanks Jase! I’m loving the new camera/lens setup so very much.

very nice build indeed!

what’s the selle italia saddle you currently have on it? need a new saddle and that looks similar to the current saddle i use, but better looking…

Unfortunately, I’m not sure. I picked it up at the swap meet. So I’ve got no idea what it is. Sorry man.

no stress mate, thanks for letting me know anyway…

Feels good man

Exactly- quite a rarity these days…

I think pretentiousness is more to do with a person’s attitude towards the bike, rather than the bike itself… Seems kind of naive to call a bike itself pretentious, as you have no idea with what intentions the person built it.

How would you interpret a pink Aerospoke?